About Heroes Alliance

HA Page 2The Heroes Alliance was founded in Tampa in 2005, and has expanded throughout the United States. Our non-profit team of costumed volunteers are ready to make appearances at community and children-oriented charity events–from helping local law enforcement with community functions to visiting sick children in the hospital to help brighten their spirits. Some of the groups we have worked with in the past are Give Kids the World, Base Camp, All Children’s Hospital, FOCUS  among many others.

We are also proud that we have a sister branch in the United Kingdom that also works to better their communities as well.  You can visit the HA-UK by clicking here.

Whatever it may be, the Heroes Alliance is here to help with a unique role among charity groups in bringing a “real life” superhero experience to children and families.

In addition to our community service work, our superhero costumers attend all sorts of conventions and events such as (but not limited to) MegaCon, DragonCon, Tampa Bay Comic Con.

The Heroes Alliance would like to state that we do not profit from or charge for any appearances.  All funds raised go to good causes, and are handled by a person designated from the partnering foundation(s).

We are not attempting to infringe upon the intellectual property of Marvel, DC, Disney or any other company who hold the rights to any of the characters that our volunteers portray.

The Heroes Alliance Team.

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